Who is PALS?


PALS is an acronym for Providing Autism Links & Supports. The mission of PALS is to create opportunities for individuals in Central Florida, who are registered with the UCF Center for Autism by providing state-of-the-art inclusive programs to optimize positive outcomes as they learn, play, work and live in Orange, Osceola, Brevard, Sumter, Lake, Volusia and Seminole counties. PALS is a 501c3 organization. Donations are tax deductible according to Florida law.  Programs are always being added, so check back on a regular basis.

PALS provides the following supports:

Most trainings and workshops are in partnership with UCF Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (CARD).
For training schedules go to http://www.ucf-card.org

PALS coordinates and hosts the Florida statewide annual CARD conference in January. Registration is now open!

PALS supports a multitude of other organizations that provide supports to individuals with ASD and other disabilities. PALS hosts an booth at these events.

Look for PALS in your community at a local event. PALS is always working on ways to increase autism awareness in your community.

FAMILY PROGRAMS provide opportunities at little to no cost for individuals of all levels and ages, along with their families to participate in fun events and network with other families within their counties.

Events may include, but are not limited to*:

• Bowling
• Picnics
• Potluck Dinners with Bingo
• Corn Mazes
• Mini Golf
• Exercise programs

SISTERS’ CLUB is for girls in grades K-5th who have a sibling with ASD and often find themselves in more responsible and mature roles than girls their age. The girls make home-made arts/crafts, do activities, prepare cool snacks to eat, and have lots of fun while creating friendships.

BROTHERS’ CLUB is for brothers grades K-5th who have a sibling with ASD. The boys will participate in unplugged activities, i.e. sports, arts, crafts, games, while making new friends.

ASPIRE* (ages 18+) Asperger’s Syndrome Pursuing Interests, Recreation, and Entertainment is a fun way to make friends and connect with others who may have similar interests! Most events are in held the community.

COLLABORATIVE(ages 18+) serves as a forum for problem solving around issues of adults with ASD living in and/or experiencing college/university settings (whether alone, with roommates, or under their parents’ roof). Meets near UCF.

KNIGHT PALS* (for UCF student) is a UCF Student Organization to educate individuals about autism, while providing inclusive programs for students with ASD and other members of the autism population.

TAG*(ages 13-18) Teenage Asperger’s Group is designed for adolescents and young adults with ASD to practice social work and self-advocacy skills in a fun and relaxing atmosphere with activities that build off one another. Entry to this group are available as openings occur.

YOUTH PALS*  (Young Organizers Uniting to Help) a High School member program for students that desire to befriend individuals with ASD. YOUTH PALS hosts the annual HEARTS FOR AUTISM WALK each February to benefit the club’s events.

SOCIAL SECRET SPY* (ages 5-14)
Secret Social Spy Academy is a three week, ½ day program that teaches kids how to be flexible thinkers, problem solvers, and effective perspective takers. This program is best suited for children with near-age-level language and cognitive skills.

PEERS* (ages 13-18)
is a research based social skills program for teenagers with autism spectrum disorders. It utilizes parents as social coaches to facilitate social development outside of the group.

CFT *(ages 8-12)(Children’s Friendship Training)
is a research based social skills program for children and pre-teens with autism spectrum disorders. It utilizes parents as social coaches to facilitate social development outside of the group.

TIME MASTERS* (Time Masters (middle school, high school & college) is a 7-week workshop program for Middle & High School, and beginning College students with ASD who struggle with time-management and organization problems rooted in executive functioning.

ASD ACHIEVERS* (ages 18-30)  is a 16-week evidence based social skills intervention for motivated young adults, who are interested in learning ways to help make and keep friends.

CAMP 2 CAN* (ages 5-22*) is a summer day program for children & young adults with and without autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in the Central Florida area. Daily community outings, swimming, arts & crafts and field trips. *multiple locations– ages vary at each location

XL SOCCER* (ages 8-12)is a weekly 1 hour session instructed by professional coaches in conjunction with UCF CARD. The class focuses on developing basic soccer skills and socializing in a safe, fun, pressure-free environment. This is a 7 week program through XL Soccer. Criteria for admission must be met.

AWA* (Adventures with Aspergers ages 16-22)
Adventures with AS is a summer community based social recreation program designed to target social skills and teach teens and young adults with Asperger’s Syndrome how to be flexible thinkers, problem solvers, and effective collaborators while developing friendships.

ADVENTURE CAMP* (ages 5-22) is a spring break camp in Brevard County to provide social recreation for individuals with ASD. Camp includes arts, crafts, games and daily field trips.
All programs are made possible through fundraising efforts and generous donations.

Donations may be ‘earmarked’ for specific programs. To make a donation visit our web site at www.pals-ucfcard.org, like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/PALS.UCFCARD/ or call us at 407.823.6020.