Reindeer Dash 4 Autism FAQ

What is a virtual race?
A virtual race can be completed at any location, anytime, and any way. You can walk, use the treadmill, run outside, or even count your steps while competing in another race or even Holiday shopping. You set your goal. Do you want to do a 5K?  Perhaps a 10K? Or more! You can complete your goal at whatever pace and wherever you like!

Who is PALS (Providing Autism Links & Support)?
PALS is a non-profit organization that works to support individuals with autism spectrum disorders in Central Florida who are registered with the UCF Center for Autism & Related Disabilities. PALS relies on donations and the support of the community in order to provide programs, camps, family events, and services to individuals with ASD at little to no cost for these individuals and their families. PALS currently supports almost 13,000 families in Central Florida, and as the need for support services grows so does our need for donations and additional funding!

How does this virtual race work?
A virtual race can be done at any venue that you wish. You can walk, jog, skip or run the distance of your choice. You can complete your race at the gym on a treadmill, a practice run in town, a stroll in the park, or another local event; it is up to you!

The Reindeer Dash 4 Autism believes in the honor system, so no proof is required for your distance, but it would be awesome if you could upload pictures and tell us about your experience on our Facebook event page or our other social media outlets. Please use the hashtag #2018ReindeerDash4Autism on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and feel free to tweet at/tag @UCFCARDPALS on Instagram and Twitter.

How do I register?
Registration can be completed through Crowdrise at the following link: CLICK HERE NOW!

How much does registration cost?

  • $5.00 per participant
  • $25.00 per participant with an official 2018 Reindeer Dash 4 Autism shirt

You can also buy extra shirts if desired! and even order 1 if you didn’t with your registration.

How much does an extra t-shirt cost?
$20. Select your size from Youth S to Adult 3X.




What can I win?

Those who raise $300+ will also be given recognition on all our social media platforms, and be entered for a chance to win prizes!

When will I receive my shirt and prizes?

Shirts should be arriving between December 10-13, provided you ordered on by November 29, 2018. All prizes will be sent out in early January after the New Year.

Who can participate?
Everybody and anybody! There is no age limit nor other restrictions. Families and individuals on the autism spectrum are welcome to create a team and count their steps together! Get your office together to participate! Find a group of teachers at school!

What if I can’t participate, but would still like to donate?
You do not have to register as a participant in order to make a difference! You can make a donation to a specific team through Crowdrise BY CLICKING HERE. Minimum donation accepted is $10.00(just manually put in the $10). You must designate your donation to the team of your choice!

Can I create a team?
Teams are encouraged for this virtual walk! You can register yourself as a general participant (registration cost is $5), but you are more than welcome to form teams as you go along! Decide on a team leader and create your own team!

Do I have to complete this distance all at once?
No, that is the beauty of a virtual race! You can keep track of your steps/distance per day from November 23rd to December 24th (midnight) and add them all together for your grand total!

I don’t live in Florida, can I still participate?
Yes! Again, that is the beauty of our virtual race; anyone willing to participate is welcome! We would love to have out-of-state participants post photos and share stories with us!

Will I receive a Tax Receipt for my donations?
Registering for this walk will not count as a tax-deductible donation. If you make a donation in addition to registration fees to the cause through Crowdrise, you will receive an e-mail that will constitute a Tax receipt. Any other donations you make to PALS will be tax deductible.

If writing a check, please make payable to Providing Autism Links and Supports, with a memo reading: “Reindeer Dash 4 Autism.” If donating to a team or individual’s amount, please note the team or individual name in memo as well.

Mailing your donation: Use – PAL. PO Box 781458. Orlando. FL 32878-1458

Why should I do a virtual race?
The short answer would be because they are fun. The more detailed top 5 reasons would include:
1. Provide funding for programs for children, teenagers, and adults on the autism spectrum in Central Florida.
2. Complete control over your race schedule. Complete the race on your own time. No travel expenses, no hassle with parking and no long lines waiting at the potty.
3. Walk off that holiday food and indulge in the holiday cookies guilt-free, while also supporting a great cause!
4. Do some giving during the holiday season.
5. …and last but not least, be entered into a drawing for great prizes!





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